Crime soars, Chennai cops under siege – The Times Of India

CHENNAI: The attack on an unarmed head constable near Poonamallee on Tuesday night has raised questions about the safety of police officers, especially of junior-rung, on patrol duty.
Around 11pm, a three-member gang hacked
Anbalagan, attached to the Poonamallee police station, for trying to prevent a robbery. The gang had waylaid a pedestrian, Raghu of Hudco Nagar near Poonamallee. After Anbalagan, accompanied by a friends of police (FoP) member Gautham apprehended the three, they chased the policeman and attacked him with a machete, the sequence captured by a CCTV camera nearby
Although police traced the gang with the help of Facetagr application and photographs that Anbalagan had taken, the attack on the policeman, whom the FoP and the victim had deserted, has prompted former jurists and police officers to demand basic weapons for police personnel on duty at night.
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